Class AbstractPojoHCAnnRawTypeModel<T,​I extends AbstractPojoHCAnnBootstrapIntrospector>

    • Field Detail

      • xClass

        protected final org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass xClass
    • Method Detail

      • isAbstract

        public boolean isAbstract()
        true if this type is abstract, i.e. it cannot be instantiated as-is (but may be as a subtype). false otherwise.
      • isSubTypeOf

        public final boolean isSubTypeOf​(MappableTypeModel other)
        other - Another type that should be assessed as a supertype.
        true if this type is a subtype of superTypeCandidate, i.e. if superTypeCandidate is mentioned in MappableTypeModel.ascendingSuperTypes(). false otherwise.
      • cast

        public PojoTypeModel<? extends T> cast​(PojoTypeModel<?> other)
        other - The type to cast to this type.
        A new type model, representing the given type cast to this type. If casting is not possible, returns this. If casting is possible, the returned type type model will retain as much contextual type information as possible (type arguments, ...), so casting List<Integer> to Collection for example would return Collection<Integer>.
      • declaredFieldAccessXPropertiesByName

        protected final Map<String,​org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty> declaredFieldAccessXPropertiesByName()
      • declaredMethodAccessXPropertiesByName

        protected final Map<String,​List<org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty>> declaredMethodAccessXPropertiesByName()
      • declaredPropertyGetters

        protected final List<Member> declaredPropertyGetters​(String propertyName)
      • declaredPropertyField

        protected final Member declaredPropertyField​(String propertyName)