Class PojoModelPathValueNode

  • public final class PojoModelPathValueNode
    extends PojoModelPath
    A node in a PojoModelPath representing the value(s) of a property.

    Value node give information as to how to extract values from a property, by specifying a ContainerExtractorPath. That path will tell Hibernate Search whether it should it just represent how to access the property itself. To access the value(s) of that property, additional information is required, and that information is provided by a PojoModelPathValueNode.

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        public int hashCode()
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      • property

        public PojoModelPathPropertyNode property​(String propertyName)
        propertyName - The name of a property exposed by the type of this value. The property name may be invalid: no check will be performed.
        A new path representing the current path, with an additional access to the given property at the end.