Interface PojoRuntimeIntrospector

  • public interface PojoRuntimeIntrospector
    A Pojo introspector used at runtime.
    • Method Detail

      • detectEntityType

        <T> PojoRawTypeIdentifier<? extends T> detectEntityType​(T entity)
        Detect the type of a given entity instance.
        Type Parameters:
        T - The type of the entity.
        entity - An instance or proxy of T.
        The identifier of the instance's type, or of its delegate object's type if the instance is a proxy. May be null if the entity type is not known from this mapper, because it's neither indexed nor contained in an indexed type.
      • unproxy

        Object unproxy​(Object value)
        value - the object to unproxy
        if value is a proxy, unwraps it, otherwise works as a pass-through function.
      • isIgnorableDataAccessThrowable

        boolean isIgnorableDataAccessThrowable​(Throwable throwable)
        throwable - A Throwable thrown while accessing data on an entity: calling a getter, accessing a field, accessing the elements of a container, etc.
        true if this exception should be ignored and the data should be assumed empty (null, empty container, ...). false if this exception should be propagated. Note this is currently only taken into account while performing reindexing resolution.