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public final class CompositeProjectionBinder extends Object implements ProjectionBinder
Binds a constructor parameter to a composite projection, which will combine multiple inner projections.

The content of the composite projection is defined in the constructor parameter type by another ProjectionConstructor.

On contrary to the object projection, a composite projection is not bound to a specific object field, and thus it will always yield one and only one value.

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    • create

      public static CompositeProjectionBinder create()
      The binder.
    • bind

      public void bind(ProjectionBindingContext context)
      Description copied from interface: ProjectionBinder
      Binds a constructor parameter to a projection.

      The context passed in parameter provides various information about the constructor parameter being bound. Implementations are expected to take advantage of that information and to call one of the definition*(...) methods on the context to set the projection.

      Specified by:
      bind in interface ProjectionBinder
      context - A context object providing information about the constructor parameter being bound, and expecting a call to one of its definition*(...) methods.