Interface ElasticsearchSearchQueryOptionsStep<H,LOS>

All Superinterfaces:
ElasticsearchSearchFetchable<H>, ExtendedSearchFetchable<H,ElasticsearchSearchResult<H>,ElasticsearchSearchScroll<H>>, SearchFetchable<H>, SearchQueryFinalStep<H>, SearchQueryOptionsStep<ElasticsearchSearchQueryOptionsStep<H,LOS>,H,LOS,ElasticsearchSearchSortFactory,ElasticsearchSearchAggregationFactory>

  • Method Details

    • requestTransformer

      Set the ElasticsearchSearchRequestTransformer for this search query.

      WARNING: Direct changes to the request may conflict with Hibernate Search features and be supported differently by different versions of Elasticsearch. Thus they cannot be guaranteed to continue to work when upgrading Hibernate Search, even for micro upgrades (x.y.z to x.y.(z+1)). Use this at your own risk.

      transformer - The search request transformer.
      this, for method chaining.
    • toQuery

      Description copied from interface: SearchQueryFinalStep
      Create a SearchQuery instance matching the definition given in the previous DSL steps.

      Calling this method is generally not necessary as most query execution methods are also implemented by this DSL step, so for example .toQuery().fetch() can be replaced with simply .fetch().

      Specified by:
      toQuery in interface SearchQueryFinalStep<H>
      The SearchQuery resulting from the previous DSL steps.