Interface DirectoryProvider

public interface DirectoryProvider
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    • createDirectoryHolder

      DirectoryHolder createDirectoryHolder(DirectoryCreationContext context)
      Creates a DirectoryHolder for a given name, but do not allocate resources yet (wait until DirectoryHolder.start() is called).

      The provided index names are raw and do not take into account the limitations of the internal representation of indexes. If some characters cannot be used in a given DirectoryProvider, this provider is expected to escape characters as necessary using an encoding scheme assigning a unique representation to each index name, so as to avoid two index names to be encoded into identical internal representations. Lower-casing the index name, for example, is not an acceptable encoding scheme, as two index names differing only in case could end up using the same directory.

      context - The creation context, giving access to configuration and environment.
      The directory holder to use for that index name