Interface LuceneSearchProjectionFactory<R,E>

Type Parameters:
R - The type of entity references.
E - The type of entities.
All Superinterfaces:
ExtendedSearchProjectionFactory<LuceneSearchProjectionFactory<R,E>,R,E>, SearchProjectionFactory<R,E>

public interface LuceneSearchProjectionFactory<R,E> extends ExtendedSearchProjectionFactory<LuceneSearchProjectionFactory<R,E>,R,E>
A factory for search projections with some Lucene-specific methods.
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  • Method Details

    • document

      Project to a Lucene Document containing all the stored fields.

      Note that only stored fields are returned: fields that are not marked as projectable may be missing.

      The final step of the projection DSL.
    • explanation

      Project to a Lucene Explanation describing the score computation for the hit.

      This feature is relatively expensive, do not use unless you return a limited amount of objects (using pagination).

      The final step of the projection DSL.