Interface SearchableProjectableIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S extends SearchableProjectableIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<?,F>,F>

Type Parameters:
S - The "self" type (the actual exposed type of this step).
F - The type of field values.
All Superinterfaces:
IndexFieldTypeConverterStep<S,F>, IndexFieldTypeFinalStep<F>, IndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>
All Known Subinterfaces:
ElasticsearchStandardIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>, LuceneStandardIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>, LuceneVectorFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>, ScaledNumberIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>, StandardIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>, StringIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S>, VectorFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>

public interface SearchableProjectableIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S extends SearchableProjectableIndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<?,F>,F> extends IndexFieldTypeOptionsStep<S,F>
The initial and final step in a "searchable/projectable" index field type definition, where optional parameters can be set.

Ths step combines optional parameters common to other more specific index field types like "standard" or "vector".

  • Method Details

    • searchable

      S searchable(Searchable searchable)
      searchable - Whether this field should be searchable.
      this, for method chaining.
      See Also:
    • projectable

      S projectable(Projectable projectable)
      projectable - Defines whether this field should be projectable.
      this, for method chaining.
    • indexNullAs

      S indexNullAs(F indexNullAs)
      indexNullAs - A value used instead of null values when indexing.
      this, for method chaining.