Interface ExtendedSearchPredicateFactory<S extends ExtendedSearchPredicateFactory<?>>

Type Parameters:
S - The self type, i.e. the exposed type of this factory.
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
ElasticsearchSearchPredicateFactory, LuceneSearchPredicateFactory
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface ExtendedSearchPredicateFactory<S extends ExtendedSearchPredicateFactory<?>> extends SearchPredicateFactory
A base interface for subtypes of SearchPredicateFactory allowing to easily override the self type for all relevant methods.

Warning: Generic parameters of this type are subject to change, so this type should not be referenced directly in user code.

  • Method Details

    • withRoot

      S withRoot(String objectFieldPath)
      Description copied from interface: SearchPredicateFactory
      Create a new predicate factory whose root for all paths passed to the DSL will be the given object field.

      This is used to call reusable methods that apply the same predicate on different object fields that have same structure (same sub-fields).

      Specified by:
      withRoot in interface SearchPredicateFactory
      objectFieldPath - The path from the current root to an object field that will become the new root.
      A new predicate factory using the given object field as root.