Class SearchProjectionDslContext<SC extends SearchProjectionIndexScope<?>>

Type Parameters:
SC - The type of the backend-specific search scope.

public final class SearchProjectionDslContext<SC extends SearchProjectionIndexScope<?>> extends Object
Represents the current context in the search DSL, including in particular the search scope and the projection builder factory.
  • Method Details

    • root

      public static <SC extends SearchProjectionIndexScope<?>> SearchProjectionDslContext<SC> root(SC scope)
    • scope

      public SC scope()
      The search scope. Will always return the exact same instance for a given DSL context.
    • rescope

      public SearchProjectionDslContext<SC> rescope(SC newScope)
      newScope - The new scope for the new DSL context.
      A copy of this DSL context with its scope and predicate factory replaced with the given ones.