Class PojoModelPathPropertyNode


public final class PojoModelPathPropertyNode extends PojoModelPath
A node in a PojoModelPath representing a property.

Property nodes represent the property with no indication as to how its value(s) are extracted: it just represent how to access the property itself. To access the value(s) of that property, additional information is required, and that information is provided by a PojoModelPathValueNode.

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      public int hashCode()
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    • parent

      public PojoModelPathValueNode parent()
      Specified by:
      parent in class PojoModelPath
      The model path to the value from which the property represented by this node is extracted. May be null.
    • value

      public PojoModelPathValueNode value(ContainerExtractorPath extractorPath)
      extractorPath - The extractor path allowing extraction of a value from this property. The extractor path may be invalid: no check will be performed.
      A new path representing the current path, with an additional access to the given property at the end.
    • propertyName

      public String propertyName()
      The name of this property.
    • toPropertyString

      public String toPropertyString()
      A simple string representation of this path taking into account property nodes only, in the form propertyA.propertyB.propertyC.

      Completely ignores container extractors.

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