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Packages that use CollectionBinder

Uses of CollectionBinder in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations

Subclasses of CollectionBinder in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations
 class ArrayBinder
          Bind an Array
 class BagBinder
          Bind a bag.
 class IdBagBinder
 class ListBinder
          Bind a list to the underlying Hibernate configuration
 class MapBinder
          Implementation to bind a Map
 class PrimitiveArrayBinder
 class SetBinder
          Bind a set.

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations that return CollectionBinder
static CollectionBinder CollectionBinder.getCollectionBinder(String entityName, org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty property, boolean isIndexed, boolean isHibernateExtensionMapping)
          collection binder factory

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