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Packages that use Parser
org.hibernate.hql.classic This package contains the Hibernate 2.x query parser which is being end-of-lifed. 

Uses of Parser in org.hibernate.hql.classic

Classes in org.hibernate.hql.classic that implement Parser
 class ClauseParser
          Parses the Hibernate query into its constituent clauses.
 class FromParser
          Parses the from clause of a hibernate query, looking for tables and aliases for the SQL query.
 class FromPathExpressionParser
 class GroupByParser
          Parses the GROUP BY clause of an aggregate query
 class HavingParser
          Parses the having clause of a hibernate query and translates it to an SQL having clause.
 class OrderByParser
          Parses the ORDER BY clause of a query
 class PathExpressionParser
          Parses an expression of the form and builds up an expression involving two less table joins than there are path components.
 class PreprocessingParser
 class SelectParser
          Parsers the select clause of a Hibernate query.
 class SelectPathExpressionParser
 class WhereParser
          Parses the where clause of a hibernate query and translates it to an SQL where clause.

Methods in org.hibernate.hql.classic with parameters of type Parser
static void ParserHelper.parse(Parser p, String text, String seperators, QueryTranslatorImpl q)

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