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Packages that use JoinWalker
org.hibernate.loader This package defines functionality for processing JDBC result sets and returning complex graphs of persistent objects. 
org.hibernate.loader.collection This package defines collection initializers 
org.hibernate.loader.criteria This package defines the criteria query compiler and loader 
org.hibernate.loader.entity This package defines entity loaders 

Uses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader

Subclasses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader
 class AbstractEntityJoinWalker
          Abstract walker for walkers which begin at an entity (criteria queries and entity loaders).

Methods in org.hibernate.loader with parameters of type JoinWalker
protected  void OuterJoinLoader.initFromWalker(JoinWalker walker)

Uses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader.collection

Subclasses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader.collection
 class BasicCollectionJoinWalker
          Walker for collections of values and many-to-many associations
 class CollectionJoinWalker
          Superclass of walkers for collection initializers
 class OneToManyJoinWalker
          Walker for one-to-many associations

Uses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader.criteria

Subclasses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader.criteria
 class CriteriaJoinWalker
          A JoinWalker for Criteria queries.

Uses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader.entity

Subclasses of JoinWalker in org.hibernate.loader.entity
 class CascadeEntityJoinWalker
 class EntityJoinWalker
          A walker for loaders that fetch entities

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