Class Dom4jComponentTuplizer

  extended by org.hibernate.tuple.component.AbstractComponentTuplizer
      extended by org.hibernate.tuple.component.Dom4jComponentTuplizer
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ComponentTuplizer, Tuplizer

public class Dom4jComponentTuplizer
extends AbstractComponentTuplizer

A ComponentTuplizer specific to the dom4j entity mode.

Gavin King, Steve Ebersole
See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.hibernate.tuple.component.AbstractComponentTuplizer
getters, hasCustomAccessors, instantiator, propertySpan, setters
Constructor Summary
Dom4jComponentTuplizer(Component component)
Method Summary
protected  Getter buildGetter(Component component, Property prop)
protected  Instantiator buildInstantiator(Component component)
protected  Setter buildSetter(Component component, Property prop)
 Class getMappedClass()
          Return the pojo class managed by this tuplizer.
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Constructor Detail


public Dom4jComponentTuplizer(Component component)
Method Detail


public Class getMappedClass()
Description copied from interface: Tuplizer
Return the pojo class managed by this tuplizer.

Need to determine how to best handle this for the Tuplizers for EntityModes other than POJO.

todo : be really nice to not have this here since it is essentially pojo specific...

The persistent class.


protected Instantiator buildInstantiator(Component component)
Specified by:
buildInstantiator in class AbstractComponentTuplizer


protected Getter buildGetter(Component component,
                             Property prop)
Specified by:
buildGetter in class AbstractComponentTuplizer


protected Setter buildSetter(Component component,
                             Property prop)
Specified by:
buildSetter in class AbstractComponentTuplizer

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