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org.hibernate.cache This package defines APIs/SPIs and implementations for the Hibernate second-level cache. 

Uses of Cache in org.hibernate.cache

Subinterfaces of Cache in org.hibernate.cache
 interface OptimisticCache
          A contract for transactional cache implementations which support optimistic locking of items within the cache.

Classes in org.hibernate.cache that implement Cache
 class EhCache
          EHCache plugin for Hibernate

EHCache uses a and a

 class HashtableCache
          A lightweight implementation of the Cache interface
 class OptimisticTreeCache
          Represents a particular region within the given JBossCache TreeCache utilizing TreeCache's optimistic locking capabilities.
 class OSCache
 class SwarmCache
 class TreeCache
          Represents a particular region within the given JBossCache TreeCache.

Methods in org.hibernate.cache that return Cache
 Cache SwarmCacheProvider.buildCache(String regionName, Properties properties)
 Cache OSCacheProvider.buildCache(String region, Properties properties)
          Builds a new Cache instance, and gets it's properties from the OSCache Config which reads the properties file ( from the classpath.
 Cache JndiBoundTreeCacheProvider.buildCache(String regionName, Properties properties)
          Construct a Cache representing the "region" within in the underlying cache provider.
 Cache TreeCacheProvider.buildCache(String regionName, Properties properties)
          Construct and configure the Cache representation of a named cache region.
 Cache OptimisticTreeCacheProvider.buildCache(String regionName, Properties properties)
          Construct and configure the Cache representation of a named cache region.
 Cache SingletonEhCacheProvider.buildCache(String name, Properties properties)
          Builds a Cache.
 Cache EhCacheProvider.buildCache(String name, Properties properties)
          Builds a Cache.
 Cache CacheProvider.buildCache(String regionName, Properties properties)
          Deprecated. Configure the cache
 Cache HashtableCacheProvider.buildCache(String regionName, Properties properties)
 Cache NoCacheProvider.buildCache(String regionName, Properties properties)
          Configure the cache
 Cache TransactionalCache.getCache()
 Cache ReadOnlyCache.getCache()
 Cache CacheConcurrencyStrategy.getCache()
          Deprecated. Get the wrapped cache implementation
 Cache ReadWriteCache.getCache()
 Cache NonstrictReadWriteCache.getCache()

Methods in org.hibernate.cache with parameters of type Cache
 void TransactionalCache.setCache(Cache cache)
 void ReadOnlyCache.setCache(Cache cache)
 void CacheConcurrencyStrategy.setCache(Cache cache)
          Deprecated. Set the underlying cache implementation.
 void ReadWriteCache.setCache(Cache cache)
 void NonstrictReadWriteCache.setCache(Cache cache)

Uses of Cache in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge

Fields in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge declared as Cache
protected  Cache BaseRegionAdapter.underlyingCache

Constructors in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge with parameters of type Cache
BaseGeneralDataRegionAdapter(Cache underlyingCache, Settings settings)
BaseRegionAdapter(Cache underlyingCache, Settings settings)
BaseTransactionalDataRegionAdapter(Cache underlyingCache, Settings settings, CacheDataDescription metadata)
CollectionRegionAdapter(Cache underlyingCache, Settings settings, CacheDataDescription metadata)
EntityRegionAdapter(Cache underlyingCache, Settings settings, CacheDataDescription metadata)
QueryResultsRegionAdapter(Cache underlyingCache, Settings settings)
TimestampsRegionAdapter(Cache underlyingCache, Settings settings)

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