Uses of Interface

Packages that use ClassMetadata
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.impl This package contains implementations of the central Hibernate APIs, especially the Hibernate session. 
org.hibernate.jmx This package exposes a Hibernate instance via JMX. 
org.hibernate.persister.entity This package abstracts persistence mechanisms for entities, and defines the Hibernate runtime metamodel. 

Uses of ClassMetadata in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate that return ClassMetadata
 ClassMetadata SessionFactory.getClassMetadata(Class persistentClass)
          Get the ClassMetadata associated with the given entity class
 ClassMetadata SessionFactory.getClassMetadata(String entityName)
          Get the ClassMetadata associated with the given entity name

Uses of ClassMetadata in org.hibernate.impl

Methods in org.hibernate.impl that return ClassMetadata
 ClassMetadata SessionFactoryImpl.getClassMetadata(Class persistentClass)
 ClassMetadata SessionFactoryImpl.getClassMetadata(String entityName)

Uses of ClassMetadata in org.hibernate.jmx

Methods in org.hibernate.jmx that return ClassMetadata
 ClassMetadata SessionFactoryStub.getClassMetadata(Class persistentClass)
 ClassMetadata SessionFactoryStub.getClassMetadata(String entityName)

Uses of ClassMetadata in org.hibernate.persister.entity

Classes in org.hibernate.persister.entity that implement ClassMetadata
 class AbstractEntityPersister
          Basic functionality for persisting an entity via JDBC through either generated or custom SQL
 class JoinedSubclassEntityPersister
          An EntityPersister implementing the normalized "table-per-subclass" mapping strategy
 class SingleTableEntityPersister
          The default implementation of the EntityPersister interface.
 class UnionSubclassEntityPersister
          Implementation of the "table-per-concrete-class" or "roll-down" mapping strategy for an entity and its inheritence hierarchy.

Methods in org.hibernate.persister.entity that return ClassMetadata
 ClassMetadata AbstractEntityPersister.getClassMetadata()
 ClassMetadata EntityPersister.getClassMetadata()
          Get the user-visible metadata for the class (optional operation)

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