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Packages that use PropertyAccessor
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. This package abstracts the notion of a "property" of an entity. 

Uses of PropertyAccessor in org.hibernate.mapping

Methods in org.hibernate.mapping that return PropertyAccessor
 PropertyAccessor IndexBackref.getPropertyAccessor(Class clazz)
 PropertyAccessor Property.getPropertyAccessor(Class clazz)
 PropertyAccessor Backref.getPropertyAccessor(Class clazz)

Uses of PropertyAccessor in

Classes in that implement PropertyAccessor
 class BackrefPropertyAccessor
          Represents a "back-reference" to the id of a collection owner.
 class BasicPropertyAccessor
          Accesses property values via a get/set pair, which may be nonpublic.
 class ChainedPropertyAccessor
 class DirectPropertyAccessor
          Accesses fields directly.
 class Dom4jAccessor
          Responsible for accessing property values represented as a dom4j Element or Attribute.
 class EmbeddedPropertyAccessor
 class IndexPropertyAccessor
          Represents a "back-reference" to the index of a collection.
 class MapAccessor
 class NoopAccessor
          Used to declare properties not represented at the pojo level

Methods in that return PropertyAccessor
static PropertyAccessor PropertyAccessorFactory.getDom4jPropertyAccessor(String nodeName, Type type, SessionFactoryImplementor factory)
static PropertyAccessor PropertyAccessorFactory.getDynamicMapPropertyAccessor()
static PropertyAccessor PropertyAccessorFactory.getPropertyAccessor(Class optionalClass, String type)
static PropertyAccessor PropertyAccessorFactory.getPropertyAccessor(Property property, EntityMode mode)
          Retrieves a PropertyAccessor instance based on the given property definition and entity mode.
static PropertyAccessor PropertyAccessorFactory.getPropertyAccessor(String type)

Constructors in with parameters of type PropertyAccessor
ChainedPropertyAccessor(PropertyAccessor[] chain)

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