Package org.hornetq.spi.core.remoting

Remoting SPI.


Interface Summary
Acceptor An Acceptor is used by the RemotingService to allow clients to connect.
AcceptorFactory A factory for creating acceptors.
BufferDecoder A BufferDecoder
BufferHandler A BufferHandler that will handle buffers received by an acceptor.
Connection The connection used by a channel to write data to.
ConnectionLifeCycleListener A ConnectionLifeCycleListener is called by the remoting implementation to notify of connection events.
Connector A Connector is used by the client for creating and controlling a connection.
ConnectorFactory A ConnectorFactory is used by the client for creating connectors.
ReadyListener A ReadyListener

Class Summary
AbstractConnector Abstract connector

Package org.hornetq.spi.core.remoting Description

Remoting SPI.
This package defines the Service Provide Interface that remoting providers must implement to be supported by HornetQ.

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