Class ProtocolServerConfigurationBuilder<T extends ProtocolServerConfiguration,​S extends ProtocolServerConfigurationChildBuilder<T,​S>>

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      S adminOperationsHandler​(AdminOperationsHandler handler)
      Indicates the AdminOperationsHandler which will be used to handle admin operations
      S defaultCacheName​(java.lang.String defaultCacheName)
      Specifies the cache to use as a default cache for the protocol
      java.lang.String host()  
      S host​(java.lang.String host)
      Specifies the host or IP address on which this server will listen
      S idleTimeout​(int idleTimeout)
      Specifies the maximum time that connections from client will be kept open without activity
      S ioThreads​(int ioThreads)
      Sets the number of I/O threads
      java.lang.String name()  
      S name​(java.lang.String name)
      Specifies a custom name for this server in order to easily distinguish it from other servers, e.g.
      int port()  
      S port​(int port)
      Specifies the port on which this server will listen
      Builder<?> read​(T template)
      Reads the configuration from an already created configuration bean into this builder.
      S recvBufSize​(int recvBufSize)
      Sets the size of the receive buffer
      S sendBufSize​(int sendBufSize)
      Sets the size of the send buffer
      S socketBinding​(java.lang.String name)
      Indicates the name of socket binding which will be used
      SslConfigurationBuilder ssl()
      Configures SSL
      S startTransport​(boolean startTransport)
      Indicates whether transport implementation should or should not be started.
      S tcpKeepAlive​(boolean tcpKeepAlive)
      Affects TCP KEEPALIVE on the TCP stack.
      S tcpNoDelay​(boolean tcpNoDelay)
      Affects TCP NODELAY on the TCP stack.
      void validate()
      Validate the data in this builder before building the configuration bean
      S workerThreads​(int workerThreads)
      Sets the number of worker threads
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