Class IndexingConfiguration

    • Field Detail

      • INDEX

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Index> INDEX
        since 11.0
      • ENABLED

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Boolean> ENABLED

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Boolean> AUTO_CONFIG

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Map<Class<?>,​Class<?>>> KEY_TRANSFORMERS

        public static final org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeDefinition<Set<String>> INDEXED_ENTITIES
    • Method Detail

      • getElementDefinition

        public org.infinispan.commons.configuration.elements.ElementDefinition getElementDefinition()
        Specified by:
        getElementDefinition in interface BaseConfigurationInfo
        the ElementDefinition of the configuration.
      • properties

        public TypedProperties properties()

        These properties are passed directly to the embedded Hibernate Search engine, so for the complete and up to date documentation about available properties refer to the Hibernate Search reference of the version you're using with Infinispan Query.

        properties in class AbstractTypedPropertiesConfiguration
        See Also:
        Hibernate Search
      • index

        public Index index()
        Since 11. This configuration will be removed in next major version as the index mode is calculated automatically.
        Returns the indexing mode of this cache.
      • enabled

        public boolean enabled()
        Determines if indexing is enabled for this cache configuration.
      • autoConfig

        public boolean autoConfig()
        Since 11.0, with no replacement.
        Determines if autoconfig is enabled for this IndexingConfiguration.
      • keyTransformers

        public Map<Class<?>,​Class<?>> keyTransformers()
        The currently configured key transformers.
        a Map in which the map key is the key class and the value is the Transformer class.
      • indexedEntities

        public Set<Class<?>> indexedEntities()
        since 11. Usages should be converted to indexedEntityTypes() as this method will be removed in next major version.
        The subset of indexed entity classes. This does not include the protobuf types. For the entire set of types use indexedEntityTypes().
      • indexedEntityTypes

        public Set<String> indexedEntityTypes()
        The set of fully qualified names of indexed entity types, either Java classes or protobuf type names. This configuration corresponds to the <indexed-entities> XML configuration element.
      • attributes

        public org.infinispan.commons.configuration.attributes.AttributeSet attributes()
        Specified by:
        attributes in interface BaseConfigurationInfo
        the AttributeSet declared by the configuration.
      • indexShareable

        public final boolean indexShareable()
        Since 11.0 with no replacement; to be removed in next major version.
        Check if the indexes can be shared. Currently no index can be shared, so it always returns false. sharing.
        always false, starting with version 11.0
      • isVolatile

        public boolean isVolatile()
        Does the index use a provider that does not persist upon restart?