Class ClassAllowList

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    public class ClassAllowList
    extends Object
    The ClassAllowList maintains classes definitions either by name or regular expression and is used for permissioning.

    By default it includes regular expressions from the system property "infinispan.deserialization.allowlist.regexps" and fully qualified class names from "infinispan.deserialization.allowlist.classes".

    Classes are checked first against the set of class names, and in case not present each of the regular expressions are evaluated in the order supplied.

    • Method Detail

      • isSafeClass

        public boolean isSafeClass​(String className)
      • addClasses

        public void addClasses​(Class<?>... classes)
      • addClasses

        public void addClasses​(String... classes)
      • addRegexps

        public void addRegexps​(String... regexps)