Interface MultimapCacheManager<K,​V>

    • Method Detail

      • defineConfiguration

        Configuration defineConfiguration​(String name,
                                          Configuration configuration)
        Defines a named multimap cache's configuration by using the provided configuration If this cache was already configured either declaritively or programmatically this method will throw a CacheConfigurationException. Currenly, the MultimapCache with the given name "foo" can be also accessed as a regular cache named "foo".
        name - name of multimap cache whose configuration is being defined
        configuration - configuration overrides to use
        a cloned configuration instance
      • get

        MultimapCache<K,​V> get​(String name)
        Retrieves a named multimap cache from the system.
        name - , name of multimap cache to retrieve
        null if no configuration exists as per rules set above, otherwise returns a multimap cache instance identified by cacheName