Interface ReplicableCommand

    • Method Detail

      • getCommandId

        byte getCommandId()
        Used by marshallers to convert this command into an id for streaming.
        the method id of this command. This is compatible with pre-2.2.0 MethodCall ids.
      • isReturnValueExpected

        boolean isReturnValueExpected()
        If true, a return value will be provided when performed remotely. Otherwise, a remote ResponseGenerator may choose to simply return null to save on marshalling costs.
        true or false
      • canBlock

        default boolean canBlock()
        since 11.0 - All commands will be required to be non blocking!
        If true, the command is processed asynchronously in a thread provided by an Infinispan thread pool. Otherwise, the command is processed directly in the JGroups thread.

        This feature allows to avoid keep a JGroups thread busy that can originate discard of messages and retransmissions. So, the commands that can block (waiting for some state, acquiring locks, etc.) should return true.

        true if the command can block/wait, false otherwise
      • logThrowable

        default boolean logThrowable​(Throwable t)
      • setOrigin

        default void setOrigin​(Address origin)
        Sets the sender's Address.

        By default, it doesn't set anything. Implement this method if the sender's Address is needed.

        origin - the sender's Address