Class TouchCommand

All Implemented Interfaces:
DataCommand, FlagAffectedCommand, ReplicableCommand, SegmentSpecificCommand, TopologyAffectedCommand, VisitableCommand

public class TouchCommand extends
This command updates a cache entry's last access timestamp. If eviction is enabled, it will also update the recency information

This command returns a Boolean that is whether this command was able to touch the value or not.

  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • TouchCommand

      public TouchCommand()
    • TouchCommand

      public TouchCommand(Object key, int segment, long flagBitSet, boolean touchEvenIfExpired)
  • Method Details

    • getCommandId

      public byte getCommandId()
      Description copied from interface: ReplicableCommand
      Used by marshallers to convert this command into an id for streaming.
      the method id of this command. This is compatible with pre-2.2.0 MethodCall ids.
    • isReturnValueExpected

      public boolean isReturnValueExpected()
      Description copied from interface: ReplicableCommand
      If true, a return value will be provided when performed remotely. Otherwise, a remote ResponseGenerator may choose to simply return null to save on marshalling costs.
      Specified by:
      isReturnValueExpected in interface ReplicableCommand
      isReturnValueExpected in class
      true or false
    • writeTo

      public void writeTo(ObjectOutput output) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: ReplicableCommand
      Writes this instance to the ObjectOutput.
      output - the stream.
      IOException - if an error occurred during the I/O.
    • readFrom

      public void readFrom(ObjectInput input) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException
      Description copied from interface: ReplicableCommand
      Reads this instance from the stream written by ReplicableCommand.writeTo(ObjectOutput).
      input - the stream to read.
      IOException - if an error occurred during the I/O.
      ClassNotFoundException - if it tries to load an undefined class.
    • isTouchEvenIfExpired

      public boolean isTouchEvenIfExpired()
    • acceptVisitor

      public Object acceptVisitor(InvocationContext ctx, Visitor visitor) throws Throwable
      Description copied from interface: VisitableCommand
      Accept a visitor, and return the result of accepting this visitor.
      ctx - invocation context
      visitor - visitor to accept
      arbitrary return value
      Throwable - in the event of problems
    • loadType

      public VisitableCommand.LoadType loadType()
      Nodes on which the command needs to read the previous values of the keys it acts on.