Class L1Configuration

All Implemented Interfaces:
Matchable<L1Configuration>, Updatable<L1Configuration>

public class L1Configuration extends ConfigurationElement<L1Configuration>
Configures the L1 cache behavior in 'distributed' caches instances. In any other cache modes, this element is ignored.
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    • enabled

      public boolean enabled()
    • invalidationThreshold

      public int invalidationThreshold()

      Determines whether a multicast or a web of unicasts are used when performing L1 invalidations.

      By default multicast will be used.

      If the threshold is set to -1, then unicasts will always be used. If the threshold is set to 0, then multicast will be always be used.

    • cleanupTaskFrequency

      public long cleanupTaskFrequency()
      Determines how often a cleanup thread runs to clean up an internal log of requestors for a specific key
    • lifespan

      public long lifespan()
      Maximum lifespan of an entry placed in the L1 cache. Default 10 minutes.