Interface PeekableTouchableMap<K,V>

All Superinterfaces:
ConcurrentMap<K,InternalCacheEntry<K,V>>, Map<K,InternalCacheEntry<K,V>>
All Known Implementing Classes:
OffHeapConcurrentMap, PeekableTouchableCaffeineMap, PeekableTouchableContainerMap

public interface PeekableTouchableMap<K,V> extends ConcurrentMap<K,InternalCacheEntry<K,V>>
  • Method Details

    • peek

      Peaks at a value for the given key. Note that this does not update any expiration or eviction information when this is performed on the map, unlike the get method.
      key - The key to find the value for
      The value mapping to this key
    • touchKey

      boolean touchKey(Object key, long currentTimeMillis)
      Touches the entry for the given key in this map. This method will update any recency timestamps for both expiration or eviction as needed.
      key - key to touch
      currentTimeMillis - the recency timestamp to set
      whether the entry was touched or not
    • touchAll

      void touchAll(long currentTimeMillis)
      Touches all entries in the map setting the recency timestamps for both expiration eviction appropriately.
      currentTimeMillis - the recency timestamp to set
    • putNoReturn

      default void putNoReturn(K key, InternalCacheEntry<K,V> value)
      Same as Map.put(Object, Object) except that the map is not required to return a value. This can be useful when retrieving a previous value may incur additional costs.

      key - key to insert for the value
      value - the value to insert into this map