Class Params


@Experimental public final class Params extends Object
Internal class that encapsulates collection of parameters used to tweak functional map operations.

Internally, parameters are stored in an array which is indexed by a parameter's

All parameters have default values which are stored in a static array field in Params class, which are used to as base collection when adding or overriding parameters.

  • Method Details

    • containsAll

      public boolean containsAll(Param<?>... ps)
      Checks whether all the parameters passed in are already present in the current parameters. This method can be used to optimise the decision on whether the parameters collection needs updating at all.
    • addAll

      public Params addAll(Param<?>... ps)
      Adds all parameters and returns a new parameter collection.
    • add

      public Params add(Param<?> p)
    • addAll

      public Params addAll(Params ps)
    • get

      public <T> Param<T> get(int index)
      Retrieve a param given its identifier. Callers are expected to know the exact type of parameter that will be returned. Such assumption is possible because as indicated in Param implementations will only come from Infinispan itself.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • toFlagsBitSet

      public long toFlagsBitSet()
      Bridging method between flags and params, provided for efficient checks.
    • fromFlagsBitSet

      public static Params fromFlagsBitSet(long flagsBitSet)
    • create

      public static Params create()
    • from

      public static Params from(Param<?>... ps)
    • writeObject

      public static void writeObject(ObjectOutput output, Params params) throws IOException
    • readObject

      public static Params readObject(ObjectInput input) throws IOException