Interface ClusterEventManager<K,​V>

    • Method Detail

      • addEvents

        void addEvents​(Object batchIdentifier,
                       Address target,
                       UUID identifier,
                       Collection<ClusterEvent<K,​V>> events,
                       boolean sync)
        Adds additional cluster events that need to be sent remotely for an event originating locally. These events are batched by the batchIdentifier pending their submission when sendEvents(Object) is invoked or cancelled when dropEvents(Object) is invoked.
        batchIdentifier - identifier for the batch
        target - The target node this event was meant for
        identifier - The cluster listener that is identified for these events
        events - The events that were generated
        sync - Whether these events need to be sent synchronously or not
      • sendEvents

        CompletionStage<Void> sendEvents​(Object batchIdentifier)
        Sends all previously added events for the given identifier
      • dropEvents

        void dropEvents​(Object batchIdentifier)
        Drops and ignores all previously added events for the given identifier.