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@MessageLogger(projectCode="ISPN") public interface Log extends org.jboss.logging.BasicLogger
Log abstraction for the JDBC cache store. For this module, message ids ranging from 8001 to 9000 inclusively have been reserved.
Galder ZamarreƱo
  • Field Details

    • CONFIG

      static final Log CONFIG

      static final Log PERSISTENCE
  • Method Details

    • errorMarshallingObject

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Exception while marshalling object: %s", id=65) void errorMarshallingObject(@Cause Throwable ioe, Object obj)
    • failedClearingJdbcCacheStore

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Failed clearing cache store", id=8001) void failedClearingJdbcCacheStore(@Cause Exception e)
    • sqlFailureIntegratingState

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="SQL failure while integrating state into store", id=8003) void sqlFailureIntegratingState(@Cause SQLException e)
    • ioErrorUnmarshalling

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="I/O error while unmarshalling from stream", id=8009) void ioErrorUnmarshalling(@Cause IOException e)
    • unexpectedClassNotFoundException

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="*UNEXPECTED* ClassNotFoundException.", id=8010) void unexpectedClassNotFoundException(@Cause ClassNotFoundException e)
    • errorCreatingTable

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Error while creating table; used DDL statement: \'%s\'", id=8011) void errorCreatingTable(String sql, @Cause SQLException e)
    • connectionInJndiNotFound

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Could not find a connection in jndi under the name \'%s\'", id=8015) void connectionInJndiNotFound(String dataSourceName)
    • namingExceptionLookingUpConnection

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Could not lookup connection with datasource %s", id=8016) void namingExceptionLookingUpConnection(String dataSourceName, @Cause NamingException e)
    • failedClosingNamingCtx

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="Failed to close naming context.", id=8017) void failedClosingNamingCtx(@Cause NamingException e)
    • sqlFailureRetrievingConnection

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Sql failure retrieving connection from datasource", id=8018) void sqlFailureRetrievingConnection(@Cause SQLException e)
    • sqlFailureClosingConnection

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Issues while closing connection %s", id=8019) void sqlFailureClosingConnection(Connection conn, @Cause SQLException e)
    • sqlFailureUnexpected

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="Unexpected sql failure", id=8022) void sqlFailureUnexpected(@Cause SQLException e)
    • failureClosingConnection

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="Failure while closing the connection to the database", id=8023) void failureClosingConnection(@Cause SQLException e)
    • sqlFailureStoringKey

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Error while storing string key to database; key: \'%s\'", id=8024) void sqlFailureStoringKey(Object lockingKey, @Cause SQLException e)
    • sqlFailureRemovingKeys

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Error while removing string keys from database", id=8025) void sqlFailureRemovingKeys(@Cause SQLException e)
    • invalidKey2StringMapper

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="In order for JdbcStringBasedStore to support %s, the Key2StringMapper needs to implement TwoWayKey2StringMapper. You should either make %s implement TwoWayKey2StringMapper or disable the sql. See [] for more details.", id=8026) void invalidKey2StringMapper(String where, String className)
    • sqlFailureReadingKey

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="SQL error while fetching stored entry with key: %s, lockingKey: %s", id=8027) void sqlFailureReadingKey(Object key, Object lockingKey, @Cause SQLException e)
    • tableManipulationAttributeNotSet

      @Message(value="Attribute \'%2$s\' has not been set on \'%1$s\'", id=8028) CacheConfigurationException tableManipulationAttributeNotSet(String groupName, String name)
    • missingConnectionFactory

      @Message(value="A ConnectionFactory has not been specified for this store", id=8029) CacheConfigurationException missingConnectionFactory()
    • sqlFailureTxCommit

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Error committing JDBC transaction", id=8031) void sqlFailureTxCommit(@Cause SQLException e)
    • sqlFailureTxRollback

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Error during rollback of JDBC transaction", id=8032) void sqlFailureTxRollback(@Cause SQLException e)
    • prepareTxFailure

      @Message(value="Exception encountered when preparing JDBC store Tx", id=8033) PersistenceException prepareTxFailure(@Cause Throwable e)
    • twoWayKey2StringMapperIsMissing

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="Unable to notify the PurgeListener of expired cache entries as the configured key2StringMapper does not implement %s", id=8036) void twoWayKey2StringMapperIsMissing(String className)
    • sqlFailureWritingBatch

      @Message(value="Error while writing entries in batch to the database:", id=8037) PersistenceException sqlFailureWritingBatch(@Cause Throwable e)
    • sqlFailureDeletingBatch

      @Message(value="Error whilst removing keys in batch from the database. Keys: %s", id=8038) PersistenceException sqlFailureDeletingBatch(Iterable<Object> keys, @Cause Exception e)
    • existingStoreNoSegmentation

      @Message(value="The existing store was created without segmentation enabled", id=8039) CacheConfigurationException existingStoreNoSegmentation()
    • existingStoreSegmentMismatch

      @Message(value="The existing store was created with %d segments configured, but the cache is configured with %d", id=8040) CacheConfigurationException existingStoreSegmentMismatch(int existing, int cache)
    • sqlFailureMetaRetrieval

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="Error retrieving JDBC metadata", id=8041) void sqlFailureMetaRetrieval(@Cause SQLException e)
    • sqlFailureSize

      @LogMessage(level=ERROR) @Message(value="SQL failure while retrieving size", id=8042) void sqlFailureSize(@Cause SQLException e)
    • primaryKeyMultipleColumnWithoutSchema

      @Message(value="Primary key has multiple columns but no key message schema defined, which is required when there is more than one key column", id=8043) CacheConfigurationException primaryKeyMultipleColumnWithoutSchema()
    • valueMultipleColumnWithoutSchema

      @Message(value="Multiple non key columns but no value message schema defined, which is required when there is more than one value column", id=8044) CacheConfigurationException valueMultipleColumnWithoutSchema()
    • keyNotInSchema

      @Message(value="Primary key %s was not found in the key schema %s", id=8045) CacheConfigurationException keyNotInSchema(String primaryKeyName, String schemaName)
    • valueNotInSchema

      @Message(value="Additional value columns %s found that were not part of the schema, make sure the columns returned match the value schema %s", id=8046) CacheConfigurationException valueNotInSchema(List<String> columnNames, String schemaName)
    • schemaNotFound

      @Message(value="Schema not found for : %s", id=8047) CacheConfigurationException schemaNotFound(String schemaName)
    • keyCannotEmbedWithEnum

      @Message(value="Key cannot be embedded when the value schema %s is an enum", id=8048) CacheConfigurationException keyCannotEmbedWithEnum(String schemaName)
    • repeatedFieldsNotSupported

      @Message(value="Repeated fields are not supported, found %s in schema %s", id=8049) CacheConfigurationException repeatedFieldsNotSupported(String fieldName, String schemaName)
    • duplicateFieldInSchema

      @Message(value="Duplicate name %s found for nested schema: %s", id=8050) CacheConfigurationException duplicateFieldInSchema(String fieldName, String schemaName)
    • requiredSchemaFieldNotPresent

      @Message(value="Schema contained a field %s that is required but wasn\'t found in the query for schema %s", id=8051) CacheConfigurationException requiredSchemaFieldNotPresent(String fieldName, String schemaName)
    • primaryKeyPresentButNotEmbedded

      @Message(value="Primary key %s was found in the value schema %s but embedded key was not true", id=8052) CacheConfigurationException primaryKeyPresentButNotEmbedded(String fieldName, String schemaName)
    • deleteAndSelectQueryMismatchArguments

      @Message(value="Delete and select queries do not have matching arguments. Delete was %s and select was %s", id=8053) CacheConfigurationException deleteAndSelectQueryMismatchArguments(List<String> deleteParams, List<String> selectParams)
    • deleteAndSelectQueryMismatchArguments

      @Message(value="Named parameter %s in upsert statement [%s] is not available in columns from selectAll statement [%s]", id=8054) CacheConfigurationException deleteAndSelectQueryMismatchArguments(String paramName, String upsertStatement, String selectStatement)
    • selectAllCannotHaveParameters

      @Message(value="No parameters are allowed for select all statement %s", id=8055) CacheConfigurationException selectAllCannotHaveParameters(String selectAllStatement)
    • deleteAllCannotHaveParameters

      @Message(value="No parameters are allowed for delete all statement %s", id=8056) CacheConfigurationException deleteAllCannotHaveParameters(String selectAllStatement)
    • sizeCannotHaveParameters

      @Message(value="No parameters are allowed for sizer statement %s", id=8057) CacheConfigurationException sizeCannotHaveParameters(String selectAllStatement)
    • keyColumnsNotReturnedFromSelectAll

      @Message(value="Not all key columns %s were returned from select all statement %s", id=8058) CacheConfigurationException keyColumnsNotReturnedFromSelectAll(String keyColumns, String selectAllStatement)
    • namedParamNotReturnedFromSelect

      @Message(value="Select parameter %s is not returned from select all statement %s, select statement is %s", id=8059) CacheConfigurationException namedParamNotReturnedFromSelect(String paramName, String selectAllStatement, String selectStatement)
    • nonTerminatedNamedParamInSql

      @Message(value="Non-terminated named parameter declaration at position %d in statement: %s", id=8060) CacheConfigurationException nonTerminatedNamedParamInSql(int position, String sqlStatement)
    • invalidCharacterInSql

      @Message(value="Invalid character %s at position %d in statement: %s", id=8061) CacheConfigurationException invalidCharacterInSql(char character, int position, String sqlStatement)
    • unnamedParametersNotAllowed

      @Message(value="Unnamed parameters are not allowed, found one at %d in statement %s", id=8062) CacheConfigurationException unnamedParametersNotAllowed(int position, String sqlStatement)
    • tableNotInCorrectFormat

      @Message(value="Provided table name %s is not in form of (<SCHEMA>.)<TABLE-NAME> where SCHEMA is optional", id=8063) CacheConfigurationException tableNotInCorrectFormat(String tableName)
    • noPrimaryKeysFoundForTable

      @Message(value="No primary keys found for table %s, check case sensitivity", id=8064) CacheConfigurationException noPrimaryKeysFoundForTable(String tableName)
    • noValueColumnForTable

      @Message(value="No column found that wasn\'t a primary key for table: %s", id=8065) CacheConfigurationException noValueColumnForTable(String tableName)
    • unableToDetectDialect

      @Message(value="Unable to detect database dialect from JDBC driver name or connection metadata. Please provide this manually using the \'dialect\' property in your configuration. Supported database dialect strings are %s", id=8066) CacheConfigurationException unableToDetectDialect(String supportedDialects)
    • requiredStatementsForQueryStoreLoader

      @Message(value="The size, select and select all attributes must be set for a query store", id=8067) CacheConfigurationException requiredStatementsForQueryStoreLoader()
    • requiredStatementsForQueryStoreWriter

      @Message(value="The delete, delete all and upsert attributes must be set for a query store that allows writes", id=8068) CacheConfigurationException requiredStatementsForQueryStoreWriter()
    • keyColumnsRequired

      @Message(value="Key columns are required for QueryStore", id=8069) CacheConfigurationException keyColumnsRequired()
    • messageNameRequiredIfEmbeddedKey

      @Message(value="Message name must not be null if embedded key is true", id=8070) CacheConfigurationException messageNameRequiredIfEmbeddedKey()
    • tableNameMissing

      @Message(value="Table name must be non null", id=8071) CacheConfigurationException tableNameMissing()
    • sqlMetadataNotPresent

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="There was no JDBC metadata present in table %s, unable to confirm if segments are properly configured! Segments are assumed to be properly configured.", id=8072) void sqlMetadataNotPresent(String tableName)