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@MessageLogger(projectCode="ISPN") public interface Log extends org.jboss.logging.BasicLogger
Log abstraction for the remote cache store. For this module, message ids ranging from 10001 to 11000 inclusively have been reserved.
Galder ZamarreƱo
  • Field Details

    • CONFIG

      static final Log CONFIG
  • Method Details

    • missingMigrationData

      @Message(value="Could not find migration data in cache %s", id=276) CacheException missingMigrationData(String name)
    • keyMigrationFailed

      @LogMessage(level=WARN) @Message(value="Could not migrate key %s", id=277) void keyMigrationFailed(String key, @Cause Throwable cause)
    • ignoreXmlAttribute

      @LogMessage(level=INFO) @Message(value="Ignoring XML attribute %s, please remove from configuration file", id=293) void ignoreXmlAttribute(Object attribute)
    • couldNotMigrateData

      @Message(value="Could not migrate data for cache %s, check remote store config in the target cluster. Make sure only one remote store is present and is pointing to the source cluster", id=397) CacheException couldNotMigrateData(String name)
    • cannotEnableHotRodWrapping

      @Message(value="Cannot enable HotRod wrapping if a marshaller and/or an entryWrapper have already been set", id=10005) CacheConfigurationException cannotEnableHotRodWrapping()
    • remoteStoreNoHotRodWrapping

      @Message(value="The RemoteCacheStore for cache %s should be configured with hotRodWrapping enabled", id=10007) CacheException remoteStoreNoHotRodWrapping(String cacheName)
    • segmentationNotSupportedInThisVersion

      @Message(value="RemoteStore only supports segmentation when using at least protocol version %s or higher", id=10008) CacheConfigurationException segmentationNotSupportedInThisVersion(ProtocolVersion version)
    • clusteredRequiresBeingShared

      @Message(value="A RemoteStore must be shared in a cache that is clustered", id=10009) CacheConfigurationException clusteredRequiresBeingShared()
    • segmentationRequiresEqualSegments

      @Message(value="Segmentation is not supported for a RemoteStore when the configured segments %d do not match the remote servers amount %s", id=10010) CacheConfigurationException segmentationRequiresEqualSegments(int cacheSegmentCount, Integer serverSegmentCount)
    • segmentationRequiresEqualMediaTypes

      @Message(value="Segmentation is not supported for a RemoteStore when the configured key media type %s does not match the remote servers key media type %s", id=10011) CacheConfigurationException segmentationRequiresEqualMediaTypes(MediaType cacheMediaType, MediaType serverMediaType)
    • segmentationNotSupportedWithGroups

      @Message(value="The RemoteCacheStore cannot be segmented when grouping is enabled", id=10012) CacheConfigurationException segmentationNotSupportedWithGroups()