Interface SegmentPublisherSupplier<R>

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public interface SegmentPublisherSupplier<R>
A Publisher that also notifies in a thread safe manner when a segment has sent all values upstream. To more specifically detail the guarantee, the accept method of the provided IntConsumer will be invoked serially inline with onNext, onError, onComplete and will only be invoked after all values from the given segment have already been notified via invalid input: '{@code onNext). Note that there is no guarantee that the previous values was from the given segment, only that all have been notified prior. <p> If segment completion is not needed, use the {@link Publisher#subscribe(Subscriber)} or provided {@link #EMPTY_CONSUMER} as the argument to the {@link #subscribe(Subscriber, IntConsumer)} method. This allows implementors to optimize for the case when segment completion is not needed as this may require additional overhead. @param <R> value type'
  • Method Details

    • publisherWithoutSegments

      org.reactivestreams.Publisher<R> publisherWithoutSegments()
    • publisherWithSegments

      org.reactivestreams.Publisher<SegmentPublisherSupplier.Notification<R>> publisherWithSegments()