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@MessageBundle(projectCode="ISPN") public interface Messages
Informational Scripting messages. These start from 12500 so as not to overlap with the logging messages defined in Log Messages.
Tristan Tarrant
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    • rejectRuleMatchesRequestAddress

      @Message(value="Reject rule \'%s\' matches request address \'%s\'", id=12500) String rejectRuleMatchesRequestAddress(Object rule, Object address)
    • connectorMatchesRequest

      @Message(value="Request to stop connector \'%s\' attempted from the connector itself", id=12501) String connectorMatchesRequest(String connectorName)
    • dataSourceTestOk

      @Message(value="Connection to data source \'%s\' successful", id=12502) String dataSourceTestOk(String name)
    • dataSourceTestFail

      @Message(value="Connection to data source \'%s\' failed. Verify that the JDBC URL and credentials are correct and that the driver is present in the server library directory", id=12503) String dataSourceTestFail(String name)