Class QueryConfiguration

All Implemented Interfaces:
Matchable<QueryConfiguration>, Updatable<QueryConfiguration>

public class QueryConfiguration extends ConfigurationElement<QueryConfiguration>
Configures query options and defaults
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    • QueryConfiguration

      protected QueryConfiguration(AttributeSet attributes)
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    • defaultMaxResults

      public int defaultMaxResults()
      Limits the number of results returned by a query. Applies to indexed, non-indexed, and hybrid queries. Setting the default-max-results significantly improves the performance of queries that don't have an explicit limit set.
    • hitCountAccuracy

      public int hitCountAccuracy()
      Limit the required accuracy of the hit count for the indexed queries to an upper-bound. Setting the hit-count-accuracy could improve the performance of queries targeting large data sets. For optimal performances set this value not much above the expected hit count. If you do not require accurate hit counts, set it to a low value.