Interface FunctionalMap.WriteOnlyMap<K,V>

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, FunctionalMap<K,V>
All Known Implementing Classes:
SimpleWriteOnlyMapImpl, WriteOnlyMapImpl
Enclosing interface:

@Experimental public static interface FunctionalMap.WriteOnlyMap<K,V> extends FunctionalMap<K,V>
Exposes write-only operations that can be executed against the functional map. The write operations that can be applied per entry are exposed by EntryView.WriteEntryView.

Write-only operations require locks to be acquired but crucially they do not require reading previous value or metadata parameter information associated with the cached entry, which sometimes can be expensive since they involve talking to a remote node in the cluster or the persistence layer So, exposing write-only operations makes it easy to take advantage of this important optimisation.

Method parameters for write-only operations, including lambdas, must be marshallable when running in a cluster.