Class WriteableCacheSetMapper<E,R>

Type Parameters:
E - the original collection type - referred to as old in some methods
R - the resulting collection type - referred to as new in some methods
All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<R>, Collection<R>, Set<R>, CacheCollection<R>, CacheSet<R>, CloseableIteratorCollection<R>, CloseableIteratorSet<R>

public class WriteableCacheSetMapper<E,R> extends WriteableCacheCollectionMapper<E,R> implements CacheSet<R>
A writeable cache set mapper that also has constant time operations for things such as Collection.contains(Object) if the underlying Set does. Also implements the Set interface.

This set should be used for cases when a simple transformation of an element to another is all that is needed by the underlying set.

This implementation is basically identical to WriteableCacheCollectionMapper except that this class also implements Set and all of its optional operations.