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Packages that use AbstractInternalCacheEntry
org.infinispan.container.entries Entries which are stored in data containers. 

Uses of AbstractInternalCacheEntry in org.infinispan.container.entries

Subclasses of AbstractInternalCacheEntry in org.infinispan.container.entries
 class ImmortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is immortal/cannot expire
 class MortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is mortal.
 class TransientCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is transient, i.e., it can be considered expired afer a period of not being used.
 class TransientMortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is both transient and mortal.

Methods in org.infinispan.container.entries that return AbstractInternalCacheEntry
 AbstractInternalCacheEntry AbstractInternalCacheEntry.clone()

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