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Packages that use ComponentName
org.infinispan.eviction Classes related to eviction. 
org.infinispan.remoting.rpc Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interfaces and components used to invoke remote methods on cache instances. 
org.infinispan.remoting.transport Transports handle the low-level networking, used by the remoting components. 

Uses of ComponentName in org.infinispan.eviction

Method parameters in org.infinispan.eviction with annotations of type ComponentName
 void EvictionManagerImpl.initialize(ScheduledExecutorService executor, Configuration configuration, Cache<Object,Object> cache, DataContainer dataContainer, CacheLoaderManager cacheLoaderManager)

Uses of ComponentName in org.infinispan.remoting.rpc

Method parameters in org.infinispan.remoting.rpc with annotations of type ComponentName
 void RpcManagerImpl.injectDependencies(Transport t, Configuration configuration, ReplicationQueue replicationQueue, CommandsFactory cf, ExecutorService e)

Uses of ComponentName in org.infinispan.remoting.transport

Method parameters in org.infinispan.remoting.transport with annotations of type ComponentName
 void Transport.initialize(GlobalConfiguration c, Marshaller marshaller, ExecutorService asyncExecutor, InboundInvocationHandler handler, CacheManagerNotifier notifier)
          Initializes the transport with global cache configuration and transport-specific properties.

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