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Packages that use AbstractCacheLoaderConfig
org.infinispan.loaders This package contains loaders and stores, which are used for overflow or persistence. 
org.infinispan.loaders.bdbje This package contains a CacheStore implementation based on Oracle's BDBJE storage engine. This package contains a CacheStore implementation based on JClouds, which in turn is an abstraction layer to store data on cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon's S3, RackspaceCloud's CloudFiles, Microsoft's Windows Azure Blob Storage API, and others. 
org.infinispan.loaders.cluster A CacheLoader (not CacheStore) that polls other nodes in the cluster for state. 
org.infinispan.loaders.file Simple filesystem-based CacheStore implementation. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary This JDBC CacheStore implementation is optimized for storing binary (non-String) keys in the cache. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.mixed This is a delegating CacheStore implementation that delegates either to a binary or String based JDBC cache store depending on the key used. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.stringbased This JDBC CacheStore implementation is optimized for storing String keys in the cache. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbm This package contains a CacheStore implementation based on persisting to JDBM. 

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders
 class AbstractCacheStoreConfig
          Configures AbstractCacheStore.
 class LockSupportCacheStoreConfig
          Adds configuration support for LockSupportCacheStore.

Methods in org.infinispan.loaders that return AbstractCacheLoaderConfig
 AbstractCacheLoaderConfig AbstractCacheLoaderConfig.clone()

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.bdbje

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.bdbje
 class BdbjeCacheStoreConfig
          Configures BdbjeCacheStore.

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in
 class CloudCacheStoreConfig
          The cache store config bean for the CloudCacheStore.

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.cluster

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.cluster
 class ClusterCacheLoaderConfig
          Configuration for ClusterCacheLoader.

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.file

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.file
 class FileCacheStoreConfig
          Configures FileCacheStore.

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary
 class JdbcBinaryCacheStoreConfig
          Defines available configuration elements for JdbcBinaryCacheStore.

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.mixed

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.mixed
 class JdbcMixedCacheStoreConfig
          Configuration for JdbcMixedCacheStore.

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.stringbased

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.stringbased
 class JdbcStringBasedCacheStoreConfig
          Configuration for JdbcStringBasedCacheStore cache store.

Uses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbm

Subclasses of AbstractCacheLoaderConfig in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbm
 class JdbmCacheStoreConfig
          Configures JdbmCacheStore.

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