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Packages that use CacheLoader
org.infinispan.interceptors Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container. 
org.infinispan.loaders This package contains loaders and stores, which are used for overflow or persistence. 
org.infinispan.loaders.bdbje This package contains a CacheStore implementation based on Oracle's BDBJE storage engine. 
org.infinispan.loaders.bucket Abstract classes that use hashed buckets to store entries. This package contains a CacheStore implementation based on JClouds, which in turn is an abstraction layer to store data on cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon's S3, RackspaceCloud's CloudFiles, Microsoft's Windows Azure Blob Storage API, and others. 
org.infinispan.loaders.cluster A CacheLoader (not CacheStore) that polls other nodes in the cluster for state. 
org.infinispan.loaders.decorators This package contains loaders and stores, which are used for overflow or persistence. 
org.infinispan.loaders.file Simple filesystem-based CacheStore implementation. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary This JDBC CacheStore implementation is optimized for storing binary (non-String) keys in the cache. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.mixed This is a delegating CacheStore implementation that delegates either to a binary or String based JDBC cache store depending on the key used. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.stringbased This JDBC CacheStore implementation is optimized for storing String keys in the cache. 
org.infinispan.loaders.jdbm This package contains a CacheStore implementation based on persisting to JDBM. 

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.interceptors

Fields in org.infinispan.interceptors declared as CacheLoader
protected  CacheLoader CacheLoaderInterceptor.loader

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders

Subinterfaces of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders
 interface CacheStore
          A specialization of the CacheLoader interface that can be written to.

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders that implement CacheLoader
 class AbstractCacheLoader
          An abstract CacheLoader that holds common implementations for some methods
 class AbstractCacheStore
          An abstract CacheStore that holds common implementations for some methods
 class LockSupportCacheStore
          This class extends AbstractCacheStore adding lock support for consistently accessing stored data.

Methods in org.infinispan.loaders that return CacheLoader
 CacheLoader CacheLoaderManagerImpl.getCacheLoader()
 CacheLoader CacheLoaderManager.getCacheLoader()

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.bdbje

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.bdbje that implement CacheLoader
 class BdbjeCacheStore
          An Oracle SleepyCat JE implementation of a CacheStore.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.bucket

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.bucket that implement CacheLoader
 class BucketBasedCacheStore
          Base class for CacheStore implementations that combine entries into buckets when storing data.

Uses of CacheLoader in

Classes in that implement CacheLoader
 class CloudCacheStore
          The CloudCacheStore implementation that utilizes JClouds to communicate with cloud storage providers such as Amazon's S3, Rackspace's Cloudfiles, or any other such provider supported by JClouds.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.cluster

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.cluster that implement CacheLoader
 class ClusterCacheLoader
          Cache loader that consults other members in the cluster for values.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.decorators

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.decorators that implement CacheLoader
 class AbstractDelegatingStore
          Simple delegate that delegates all calls.
 class AsyncStore
          The AsyncStore is a delegating CacheStore that extends AbstractDelegatingStore, overriding methods to that should not just delegate the operation to the underlying store.
 class ChainingCacheStore
          A chaining cache loader that allows us to configure > 1 cache loader.
 class ReadOnlyStore
          A decorator that makes the underlying store a CacheLoader, i.e., suppressing all write methods.
 class SingletonStore
          SingletonStore is a delegating cache store used for situations when only one instance should interact with the underlying store.

Methods in org.infinispan.loaders.decorators with parameters of type CacheLoader
 void ChainingCacheStore.addCacheLoader(CacheLoader loader, CacheLoaderConfig config)

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.file

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.file that implement CacheLoader
 class FileCacheStore
          A filesystem-based implementation of a BucketBasedCacheStore.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary that implement CacheLoader
 class JdbcBinaryCacheStore
          BucketBasedCacheStore implementation that will store all the buckets as rows in database, each row corresponding to a bucket.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.mixed

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.mixed that implement CacheLoader
 class JdbcMixedCacheStore
          Cache store that combines functionality of JdbcBinaryCacheStore and JdbcStringBasedCacheStore.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.stringbased

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.stringbased that implement CacheLoader
 class JdbcStringBasedCacheStore
          CacheStore implementation that stores the entries in a database.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbm

Classes in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbm that implement CacheLoader
 class JdbmCacheStore
          A persistent CacheLoader based on the JDBM project.

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