Package org.infinispan.query.backend

Class Summary
IndexSearcherCloser Class with static method that is called by CacheQueryImpl and EagerIterator

Simply an abstraction for one method to reduce unnecessary code replication.

KeyTransformationHandler This transforms arbitrary keys to a String which can be used by Lucene as a document identifier, and vice versa.

This class is an interceptor that will index data only if it has come from a local source.


This is a TEMPORARY helper class that will be used to add the QueryInterceptor to the chain and provide Classes to Hibernate Search.

QueryInterceptor This interceptor will be created when the System Property "infinispan.query.indexLocalOnly" is "false"

This type of interceptor will allow the indexing of data even when it comes from other caches within a cluster.

SearchableCacheConfiguration Class that implements SearchConfiguration so that within Infinispan-Query, there is no need for a Hibernate Core configuration object.
TransactionalEventTransactionContext This class implements the TransactionContext interface.

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