Package org.infinispan.tree

This package contains the TreeCache.


Interface Summary
Node<K,V> A Node is a named logical grouping of data in the TreeCache API of JBoss Cache.
TreeCache<K,V> This is a tree-like facade around a Cache allowing for efficient tree-style access to cached data.

Class Summary
Fqn A Fully Qualified Name (Fqn) is a list of names (typically Strings but can be any Object), which represent a path to a particular Node in a TreeCache.
FqnComparator Compares the order of two FQN.
NodeImpl<K,V> Implementation backed by an AtomicMap
NodeKey A class that represents the key to a node
TreeCacheFactory Factory class that contains API for users to create instances of TreeCache

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
NodeNotExistsException Thrown when an operation is attempted on a non-existing node in the cache
NodeNotValidException Thrown whenever operations are attempted on a node that is no longer valid.

Package org.infinispan.tree Description

This package contains the TreeCache. For usage, see the TreeCache and TreeCacheFactory classes and their javadocs.

This package is intended as a compatibility layer between JBoss Cache and Infinispan, and also as an API for when a tree structure is useful. In general though, this will not perform as well as the core Infinispan API.

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