Package org.infinispan.container.entries

Entries which are stored in data containers.


Interface Summary
CacheEntry An entry that is stored in the data container
InternalCacheEntry Interface for internal cache entries that expose whether an entry has expired.
InternalCacheValue A representation of an InternalCacheEntry that does not have a reference to the key.
MVCCEntry An entry that can be safely copied when updates are made, to provide MVCC semantics

Class Summary
AbstractInternalCacheEntry An abstract internal cache entry that is typically stored in the data container
ImmortalCacheEntry A cache entry that is immortal/cannot expire
ImmortalCacheValue An immortal cache value, to correspond with ImmortalCacheEntry
InternalEntryFactory A factory for internal entries
MortalCacheEntry A cache entry that is mortal.
MortalCacheValue A mortal cache value, to correspond with MortalCacheEntry
NullMarkerEntry A marker entry to represent a null for repeatable read, so that a read that returns a null can continue to return null.
NullMarkerEntryForRemoval A null entry that is read in for removal
ReadCommittedEntry A wrapper around a cached entry that encapsulates read committed semantics when writes are initiated, committed or rolled back.
RepeatableReadEntry An extension of ReadCommittedEntry that provides Repeatable Read semantics
TransientCacheEntry A cache entry that is transient, i.e., it can be considered expired after a period of not being used.
TransientCacheValue A transient cache value, to correspond with TransientCacheEntry
TransientMortalCacheEntry A cache entry that is both transient and mortal.
TransientMortalCacheValue A transient, mortal cache value to correspond with TransientMortalCacheEntry

Enum Summary

Package org.infinispan.container.entries Description

Entries which are stored in data containers. This package contains different implementations of entries based on the information needed to store an entry. Certain entries need more information - such as timestamps and lifespans, if they are used - than others, and the appropriate implementation is selected dynamically. This helps minimize Infinispan's memory requirements without storing unnecessary metadata.

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