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Packages that use AbstractComponentFactory
org.infinispan.factories Factories are internal components used to create other components based on a cache's configuration. 

Uses of AbstractComponentFactory in org.infinispan.factories

Subclasses of AbstractComponentFactory in org.infinispan.factories
 class AbstractNamedCacheComponentFactory
          A component factory for creating components scoped per-cache.
 class BootstrapFactory
          Factory for setting up bootstrap components
 class DataContainerFactory
          Constructs the data container
 class DistributionManagerFactory
 class EmptyConstructorFactory
          Factory for building global-scope components which have default empty constructors
 class EmptyConstructorNamedCacheFactory
          Simple factory that just uses reflection and an empty constructor of the component type.
 class InterceptorChainFactory
          Factory class that builds an interceptor chain based on cache configuration.
 class InternalCacheFactory<K,V>
          An internal factory for constructing Caches.
 class LockManagerFactory
          Factory class that creates instances of LockManager.
 class MarshallerFactory
 class NamedComponentFactory
          A specialized type of component factory that knows how to create named components, identified with the ComponentName annotation on the classes requested in Inject annotated methods.
 class NamedExecutorsFactory
          A factory that specifically knows how to create named executors.
 class ReplicationQueueFactory
          Factory for ReplicationQueue.
 class ResponseGeneratorFactory
          Creates a ResponseGenerator
 class RpcManagerFactory
          A factory for the RpcManager
 class StateTransferManagerFactory
          Constructs StateTransferManager instances.
 class TransactionManagerFactory
          Uses a number of mechanisms to retrieve a transaction manager.
 class TransportFactory
          Factory for Transport implementations

Methods in org.infinispan.factories that return AbstractComponentFactory
protected  AbstractComponentFactory AbstractComponentRegistry.getFactory(Class componentClass)
          Retrieves a component factory instance capable of constructing components of a specified type.

Methods in org.infinispan.factories that return types with arguments of type AbstractComponentFactory
protected  Map<Class,Class<? extends AbstractComponentFactory>> ComponentRegistry.getDefaultFactoryMap()
protected  Map<Class,Class<? extends AbstractComponentFactory>> AbstractComponentRegistry.getDefaultFactoryMap()

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