Package org.infinispan.interceptors

Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container.


Class Summary
BatchingInterceptor Interceptor that captures batched calls and attaches contexts.
CacheMgmtInterceptor Captures cache management statistics
CacheStoreInterceptor Writes modifications back to the store on the way out: stores modifications back through the CacheLoader, either after each method call (no TXs), or at TX commit.
CallInterceptor Always at the end of the chain, directly in front of the cache.
DeadlockDetectingInterceptor This interceptor populates the DeadlockDetectingGlobalTransaction with appropriate information needed in order to accomplish deadlock detection.
DistCacheStoreInterceptor Cache store interceptor specific for the distribution cache mode.
DistLockingInterceptor A subclass of the locking interceptor that is able to differentiate committing changes on a ReadCommittedEntry for storage in the main cache or in L1, used by DIST
DistributionInterceptor The interceptor that handles distribution of entries across a cluster, as well as transparent lookup
DistTxInterceptor A special form of the TxInterceptor that is aware of distribution and consistent hashing, and as such only replays methods during a remote prepare that are targeted to this specific cache instance.
ImplicitEagerLockingInterceptor Interceptor in charge of eager, implicit locking of cache keys across cluster within transactional context

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InterceptorChain Knows how to build and manage an chain of interceptors.
InvalidationInterceptor This interceptor acts as a replacement to the replication interceptor when the CacheImpl is configured with ClusteredSyncMode as INVALIDATE.
LockingInterceptor Interceptor to implement MVCC functionality.
MarshalledValueInterceptor Interceptor that handles the wrapping and unwrapping of cached data using MarshalledValues.
NotificationInterceptor The interceptor in charge of firing off notifications to cache listeners
PassivationInterceptor Writes evicted entries back to the store on the way in through the CacheStore
ReplicationInterceptor Takes care of replicating modifications to other caches in a cluster.
TxInterceptor Interceptor in charge with handling transaction related operations, e.g enlisting cache as an transaction participant, propagating remotely initiated changes.

Package org.infinispan.interceptors Description

Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container. These interceptors add behavioral aspects to the data container.

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