Class CacheRemoveEntryInterceptor

  extended by org.infinispan.cdi.interceptor.CacheRemoveEntryInterceptor

public class CacheRemoveEntryInterceptor
extends Object

Implementation class of the CacheRemoveEntry interceptor.This interceptor uses the following algorithm describes in JSR-107.

The interceptor that intercepts method annotated with @CacheRemoveEntry must do the following, generate a key based on InvocationContext using the specified CacheKeyGenerator, use this key to remove the entry in the cache. The remove occurs after the method body is executed. This can be overridden by specifying a afterInvocation attribute value of false. If afterInvocation is true and the annotated method throws an exception the remove will not happen.

Kevin Pollet (C) 2011 SERLI

Constructor Summary
CacheRemoveEntryInterceptor(CacheResolver cacheResolver)
Method Summary
 Object cacheRemoveEntry(InvocationContext context)
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Constructor Detail


public CacheRemoveEntryInterceptor(CacheResolver cacheResolver)
Method Detail


public Object cacheRemoveEntry(InvocationContext context)
                        throws Exception


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