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Packages that use FlagAffectedCommand
org.infinispan.commands.control Commands that control and coordinate certain cache operations, such as rehashing, state transfer and locking. Commands that read data from the cache. 
org.infinispan.commands.remote Meta-commands that wrap other commands for remote execution. 
org.infinispan.commands.write Commands that alter the state of the cache. 

Uses of FlagAffectedCommand in org.infinispan.commands.control

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.control that implement FlagAffectedCommand
 class LockControlCommand
          LockControlCommand is a command that enables distributed locking across infinispan nodes.

Uses of FlagAffectedCommand in

Classes in that implement FlagAffectedCommand
 class AbstractDataCommand
 class GetKeyValueCommand
          Implements functionality defined by Map.get(Object) and Map.containsKey(Object) operations

Uses of FlagAffectedCommand in org.infinispan.commands.remote

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.remote that implement FlagAffectedCommand
 class ClusteredGetCommand
          Issues a remote get call.

Uses of FlagAffectedCommand in org.infinispan.commands.write

Subinterfaces of FlagAffectedCommand in org.infinispan.commands.write
 interface DataWriteCommand
          Mixes features from DataCommand and WriteCommand
 interface WriteCommand
          A command that modifies the cache in some way

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.write that implement FlagAffectedCommand
 class AbstractDataWriteCommand
          Stuff common to WriteCommands
 class ClearCommand
 class EvictCommand
 class InvalidateCommand
          Removes an entry from memory - never removes the entry.
 class InvalidateL1Command
          Invalidates an entry in a L1 cache (used with DIST mode)
 class PutKeyValueCommand
          Implements functionality defined by Map.put(Object, Object)
 class PutMapCommand
 class RemoveCommand
 class ReplaceCommand


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