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Packages that use VisitableCommand
org.infinispan.commands Commands that operate on the cache, either locally or remotely. 
org.infinispan.commands.control Commands that control and coordinate certain cache operations, such as rehashing, state transfer and locking. Commands that read data from the cache. 
org.infinispan.commands.tx Commands that represent transactional lifecycle transitions. 
org.infinispan.commands.write Commands that alter the state of the cache. 
org.infinispan.context Contexts contain information of a specific invocation on the cache, such as its origins, scope (transactional or non-transactional), as well as invocation-specific flags. 
org.infinispan.interceptors Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container. 
org.infinispan.interceptors.base Base interceptors containing common, reusable behavior. 

Uses of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.commands

Subinterfaces of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.commands
 interface DataCommand
          Commands of this type manipulate data in the cache.

Methods in org.infinispan.commands with parameters of type VisitableCommand
protected  Object AbstractVisitor.handleDefault(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
          A default handler for all commands visited.
 Object Visitor.visitUnknownCommand(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
 Object AbstractVisitor.visitUnknownCommand(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)

Method parameters in org.infinispan.commands with type arguments of type VisitableCommand
 void AbstractVisitor.visitCollection(InvocationContext ctx, Collection<? extends VisitableCommand> toVisit)
          Helper method to visit a collection of VisitableCommands.

Uses of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.commands.control

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.control that implement VisitableCommand
 class LockControlCommand
          LockControlCommand is a command that enables distributed locking across infinispan nodes.

Uses of VisitableCommand in

Classes in that implement VisitableCommand
 class AbstractDataCommand
 class DistributedExecuteCommand<V>
          DistributedExecuteCommand is used to migrate Callable and execute it in remote JVM.
 class EntrySetCommand
          Command implementation for Map.entrySet() functionality.
 class GetKeyValueCommand
          Implements functionality defined by Map.get(Object) and Map.containsKey(Object) operations
 class KeySetCommand
          Command implementation for Map.keySet() functionality.
 class SizeCommand
          Command to calculate the size of the cache
 class ValuesCommand
          Command implementation for Map.values() functionality.

Uses of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.commands.tx

Subinterfaces of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.commands.tx
 interface TransactionBoundaryCommand
          An transaction boundary command that allows the retrieval of an attached GlobalTransaction

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.tx that implement VisitableCommand
 class AbstractTransactionBoundaryCommand
          An abstract transaction boundary command that holds a reference to a GlobalTransaction
 class CommitCommand
          Command corresponding to the 2nd phase of 2PC.
 class PrepareCommand
          Command corresponding to the 1st phase of 2PC.
 class RollbackCommand
          Command corresponding to a transaction rollback.

Uses of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.commands.write

Subinterfaces of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.commands.write
 interface DataWriteCommand
          Mixes features from DataCommand and WriteCommand
 interface WriteCommand
          A command that modifies the cache in some way

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.write that implement VisitableCommand
 class AbstractDataWriteCommand
          Stuff common to WriteCommands
 class ClearCommand
 class EvictCommand
 class InvalidateCommand
          Removes an entry from memory - never removes the entry.
 class InvalidateL1Command
          Invalidates an entry in a L1 cache (used with DIST mode)
 class PutKeyValueCommand
          Implements functionality defined by Map.put(Object, Object)
 class PutMapCommand
 class RemoveCommand
 class ReplaceCommand

Uses of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.context

Methods in org.infinispan.context with parameters of type VisitableCommand
 InvocationContext InvocationContextContainerImpl.createRemoteInvocationContextForCommand(VisitableCommand cacheCommand, Address origin)
 InvocationContext InvocationContextContainer.createRemoteInvocationContextForCommand(VisitableCommand cacheCommand, Address origin)
          As #createRemoteInvocationContext(), but returning the flags to the context from the Command if any Flag was set.

Uses of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.interceptors

Fields in org.infinispan.interceptors with type parameters of type VisitableCommand
protected  Map<GlobalTransaction,List<VisitableCommand>> InvalidationInterceptor.txMods

Methods in org.infinispan.interceptors that return VisitableCommand
protected  VisitableCommand TxInterceptor.getCommandToReplay(VisitableCommand modification)
          Designed to be overridden.
protected  VisitableCommand DistTxInterceptor.getCommandToReplay(VisitableCommand command)
          Only replays modifications that are

Methods in org.infinispan.interceptors with parameters of type VisitableCommand
protected  VisitableCommand TxInterceptor.getCommandToReplay(VisitableCommand modification)
          Designed to be overridden.
protected  VisitableCommand DistTxInterceptor.getCommandToReplay(VisitableCommand command)
          Only replays modifications that are
 Object InvocationContextInterceptor.handleDefault(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
 Object CallInterceptor.handleDefault(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
protected  Object BatchingInterceptor.handleDefault(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
          Simply check if there is an ongoing tx.
 Object InterceptorChain.invoke(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
          Walks the command through the interceptor chain.
 boolean CacheStoreInterceptor.skip(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
          if this is a shared cache loader and the call is of remote origin, pass up the chain

Uses of VisitableCommand in org.infinispan.interceptors.base

Methods in org.infinispan.interceptors.base with parameters of type VisitableCommand
protected abstract  void PrePostProcessingCommandInterceptor.doAfterCall(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
          Callback that is invoked after every handleXXX() method defined above.
protected  boolean PrePostProcessingCommandInterceptor.doBeforeCall(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
protected  Object CommandInterceptor.handleDefault(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
          The default behaviour of the visitXXX methods, which is to ignore the call and pass the call up to the next interceptor in the chain.
 Object CommandInterceptor.invokeNextInterceptor(InvocationContext ctx, VisitableCommand command)
          Invokes the next interceptor in the chain.


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