Uses of Interface

Packages that use TransactionBoundaryCommand
org.infinispan.commands.control Commands that control and coordinate certain cache operations, such as rehashing, state transfer and locking. 
org.infinispan.commands.tx Commands that represent transactional lifecycle transitions. 

Uses of TransactionBoundaryCommand in org.infinispan.commands.control

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.control that implement TransactionBoundaryCommand
 class LockControlCommand
          LockControlCommand is a command that enables distributed locking across infinispan nodes.

Uses of TransactionBoundaryCommand in org.infinispan.commands.tx

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.tx that implement TransactionBoundaryCommand
 class AbstractTransactionBoundaryCommand
          An abstract transaction boundary command that holds a reference to a GlobalTransaction
 class CommitCommand
          Command corresponding to the 2nd phase of 2PC.
 class PrepareCommand
          Command corresponding to the 1st phase of 2PC.
 class RollbackCommand
          Command corresponding to a transaction rollback.


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