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Packages that use FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig
org.infinispan.config Cache configuration beans and parsers. 

Uses of FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig in org.infinispan.config

Classes in org.infinispan.config that implement FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig
static class Configuration.SyncType
          If this element is present, all communications are synchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it blocks until it receives an acknowledgment from the recipient.

Methods in org.infinispan.config that return FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig
 FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig.replTimeout(Long replTimeout)
          This is the timeout used to wait for an acknowledgment when making a remote call, after which the call is aborted and an exception is thrown.
 FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig Configuration.SyncType.replTimeout(Long replTimeout)
 FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig FluentConfiguration.ClusteringConfig.sync()
          Configure sync sub element.
 FluentConfiguration.SyncConfig Configuration.ClusteringType.sync()


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